Vegan Fish & chips

The rise of plant based options


There is no doubt vegetarian and veganism is growing in the UK, The sales of vegan products have been sharply increasing for years.


With the growing numbers of vegetarian or vegan people in the UK the chances of the average family having at least one member who eats a plant based diet is increasing day by day. 


When choosing a take away option, the likelihood is these families will pick an option which has something for everyone, and now a range of fast-food companies, from Dominos Pizza, to McDonalds and Burger King to KFC, having launched, or announced, a range of vegan options, so, what are  Fish & Chip shops offering? 


We are now seeing more and more shops coming on the market with interesting vegan alternatives, no longer a processed bean burger in a dry bun, Fish & Chip shops are finding innovative ways to create plant based offerings. A popular option is battered banana blossoms, naturally having a very “fish” like texture using Nori or seaweed salt to flavour the banana blossoms can make a brilliant alternative to fish. Likewise, tofu marinaded with Nori is a popular option. 


Another great benefit of these plant based options is the cost of the raw ingredients being much lower than that of fish and meat, but are often sold at a similar  price meaning the mark-up is great.